Hello, My name is Tia Calhoun and I am an incoming Freshman at the Georgia Institute of Technology. Welcome to Tia Speaks!  This website is intended to illustrate my personality through a vast assortment of projects, english papers, and other forms of communication. Here, you can explore between recent projects on the “Works-In-Progress” page, revisions of these projects on the “Main Works Revisited” page, and a little information about me on the “About” page or you can comment under my blog posts! The other tabs under “Home” will be edited as I complete them for my English class. For now, I will be posting communication related assignments and my thoughts of my English 1101 assignments on my blog, but soon I will be posting projects relating to Architecture, such as pictures of buildings, information about different Architects, and more. I will try to update the website every week, especially the “World of Architecture” page. I’ve made it so you all can like, comment and share whatever I post, for I believe that we should express what we believe. Do not hesitate to share this website with whomever you feel should know about it and hopefully you will visit again! 🙂 Please enjoy, and feel free to EXPLORE Tia Speaks!